Domino Service Dogs(DSD) assists people with disabilities who are training their own service dog by providing a 2 year owner-trained service dog program.  We are located in Lakewood, Colorado. At DSD, we  believe that training the handler is equally as important as training the service dog. Therefore, we have developed a program that trains both the service dog, and the handler at the same time.

Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs are individually trained to alert their hearing impaired handler to a variety of environmental sounds. Sound alerts may include, but are not limited to the following; a doorbell/knock, timers, washer/dryer alarms, phone ringing, fire alarm, emergency vehicle sirens, horns, baby crying, name being called, etc. Some hearing assistance dogs only work sounds in the home. While other hearing dogs work sounds both inside and outside of the home.

Mobility Assistance Dogs

Mobility assistance dogs are individually trained to assist persons with physical impairments that effect mobility. Our mobility dogs are trained to perform tasks such as retrieving dropped items, retrieving items by name, clothing assistance, laundry assistance, stability/balance, door opening/closing, turning lights on/off, wheelchair propulsion, etc. Each teams tasks are individually trained to fit the specific needs of the handler.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Psychiatric service dogs are individually trained to perform tasks which mitigate the psychiatric disabilities of their handler. Our Psychiatric Service Dog can be trained to perform tasks such as, deep pressure therapy, leading their handler from a crowded/stressful situation, medication reminders, interrupting self harm behaviors, etc.

Medical Response Dogs

Medical response dogs, are individually trained to perform tasks during or following a seizure or other medical crisis. Our Medical Response Dogs tasks may include rolling the person on their side, getting help, operating a k9 phone, retrieving a container of items the person will need during recovery, etc.

It is estimated that about 15% of seizure dogs are naturally able to predict seizures, before they occur. On average, these predictions or alerts are made 10-20 minutes before the seizure. This warning gives the person with the seizure disorder an opportunity to take medication, move to a safe place, or call for help.

To participate in Domino Service Dogs owner-trained service dog program clients must:

  1.  Live in Colorado
  2. Participate in an orientation class at our training center in Lakewood, Colorado.
  3. Provide proof of disability.
  4. Attend four classes each month at our training center in Lakewood Colorado
  5. Attend 2 public outings each month, located in the Denver Metropolitan area
  6.  Work with their, service dog in training, outside of class

Additionally,  your dog must pass a lengthy assessment. This assessment is followed by a 90 day probationary period. During this 90 day probationary period, Domino Service Dogs reserves the right to terminate a teams participation at any time, for any reason.

To complete the requirements for graduation each team must complete the following:

  1. Provide proof of disability.
  2. Provide a signed statement stating that the handler meets the requirement to own a service dog as set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  3. Provide a signed statement stating that the dog has NEVER received protection training of any kind.
  4. Provide proof that the dog meets the minimum 2 year age requirement.
  5. Provide Proof of current Rabies vaccine.
  6. Provide Proof of spay/neuter.
  7. Team must pass the Canine Good Citizens test or equivalent. The test must be administered in a place of public accommodation, after the dog has reached at least 1 year of age.
  8. Team must complete 130 hours (MINIMUM) of training under the direct supervision of a DSD service dog trainer.
  9. Team must complete 50 hours of the required 130 hours (MINIMUM) in places of public accommodation.
  10. Team must attend a DSD canine hygiene/grooming class.
  11. Team must attend a DSD canine first aid/CPR class.
  12. Team must attend a DSD firehouse class.
  13. Team must pass a Public Access Test administered in a place of public accommodation over a period of 2 hours, by a DSD trainer.
  14. Team must demonstrate 3 trained tasks in a public setting, unless the canine’s duties only consist of medical alerts.

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