Did you know approximately 30% of all assistance dogs are owner-trained?

It is the mission of Domino Service Dogs (DSD) to assist people with disabilities to train their own service dogs using reward-based training techniques.


It is Domino Service Dogs’ vision to remove barriers to service dog ownership and training. 


Domino Service Dogs serves persons with disabilities who reside in Colorado. DSD provides a 2-year program for people who are training their own service dog. Weekly instructional classes and public access outings are held in the Denver metropolitan area. Additionally, we offer private and semi-private classes as determined by client needs.

We recognize that many people have financial limitations. Therefore, we are committed to helping our clients find funding, sponsors, or financial assistance to help alleviate financial barriers to participating in Domino Service Dogs’ program.

Domino Service Dogs (DSD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that depends on donations and grants to be able to continue to serve its clients. So help us spread the word! The more people who find out about Domino Service Dogs, the more support we receive.

” More than 50 service dog teams have graduated from our program. We currently have 36 service dog teams-in-training enrolled in our program. More than 3000 donors and volunteers have enthusiastically contributed to Domino Service Dogs’ mission.”

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